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The Writer’s Corner

Finding the Form with Mark Foss

My last two books have been novels, but I’ve struggled to write long fiction since the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve been too restless to focus on the demands of a larger story. It didn’t help that I already had two unpublished novels in slush piles. I wanted to concentrate on the space between words, […]

What’s Suzanne Stewart Reading?

With new curiosity, I recently began to reread Jane Austen’s Emma, her second last (major) novel, which she completed in 1817, two years before her death, at age 41. Like most of Austen’s readers, I instinctively guard a list of my favourite books, which hadn’t included Emma, following my first encounter with the novel four […]

Finding the Form with Tom Wayman

On Nov. 22, 2020 I was shocked to receive an email from the wife of a very good friend, the lifornia author Dennis Saleh, stating that he had died suddenly of a massive brain bleed that day. Dennis and I had met when we enrolled in the same graduate writing seminar at the University of […]